Erectile dysfunction and how to fight it.

Counteract your erectile dysfunction the right way!

Erectile dysfunction problems are not only a problem for the physically affected person but also for the partner as potency issues mean less or no sex at all. As the partner might be a male person, we will simply refer to the person who is not suffering from impotency as the partner.

A vast amount of couples have split up because of problems that were caused by lack of communication about relationship problems, being one of them erectile dysfunction. Often the unaffected partner blames the one with the illness without knowing about it. Sometimes they blame themselves or don’t feel loved anymore. No one can be blamed really unless a person doesn’t talk about what’s going on and is not open to work on the issue.

Having an open ear, letting know that your partner can talk about anything with you and having deeper conversations about emotional stuff is more than important.

In a bit you will hopefully agree with me that erectile dysfunction can also be a delightful subject rather than a curse, and that you don’t need to suffer emotionally until the illness is gone. Maybe it’s hard to believe but bare with me because I will explain what exactly I mean.

Just have an open mind and be positive about this because negativity has never really brought any good to any issue. Erectile dysfunction won’t just disappear, it is a journey you will have to take on if you want to eliminate it and you better make it a fun and easy trip, rather than thinking about how horrible your situation is.

The secret is to see the positive side of things and there is ALWAYS a positive side in all situations in life. There isn’t only black and white, there are many colors, even in erectile dysfunction. I will give you some ideas about what I mean, but it would be good if you sat with your partner and thought about what’s good about having an erectile dysfunction in you life. I’m sure you will find some answers when going through your personal daily routine or work life.

Erectile dysfunction can mean: (positive statements)

sex will be much better and more appreciated when your erectile dysfunction is gone

Watch video courses or read about stimulating techniques that work without making use of your penis.

You deepen the connection with your girlfriend/boyfriend when having supportive conversations

You enjoy the time when you can’t have sex with other nice couple things that you might have forgotten about

The partnership can improve and get more powerful after going through the process of getting rid of erectile dysfunction together

You might join a group online or in person who have similar issues and find solutions and make friends

Being healthy and strong in a higher level, not physically but emotionally which you will create by speaking openly about your erectile dysfunction with your spouse or a physician or a psychologist

With a potency pill now and again like Filagra you will have a lot of fun and great sexual experiences

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